Living with other humans teaches us to overlook and forgive offenses. I live with a feathered “child.” Seriously, a cockatoo has the brains of a three year old human child. Like any toddler, they are messy and selfish. They are endlessly affectionate and throwing a tantrum the next.

Angel believes, apparently, that my “spotless” floor is a place to toss stuff she’s no longer interested in. In her mind she lives in a cockatoo forest high in a Eucalyptus tree. She drops anything she doesn’t want so it lands on the forest floor. She would argue she has no hands and no place to store what she doesn’t want so dropping it seems logical to her. I could clean up the floor around her eight times a day and it would still need more cleaning after that. That’s the downside of living with a bird.

The upside is she’s smart, funny, affectionate and a thing of rare beauty. When you look at your own child, maybe a toddler or even a teenager, don’t you see their upside more than their flaws? Living with a bird in my house is not ideal but it teaches me to be patient, especially with those who are totally unaware of their own shortcomings. Angel has no idea that I’m overlooking her offenses moment by moment.

As far as she’s concerned she’s just being the delightful creature God made her to be. I envy the life of a cockatoo. She has no bills to pay, is always fed, her area cleaned up by the “maid” and she gets a massage whenever she comes to me for affirmation that she is loved. I wonder if that’s how God sees me.

“Cockatoo Envy” is a repeat pattern, even though I’ve shown just a closeup. It’s meant to work as a stand alone print, or as wallpaper, a duvet cover, shower curtain, stationary, gift wrap, a serving tray, or . . . can you think of something else? Let me know what you’d like to see it on or if you would like your very own print, by leaving me a message below. Hope you enjoy it.