In college I took one astronomy class but it was enough to create a passion for the stars. I studied the constellations, spent time in our planetarium looking at all the seasons of stars and their patterns. Who would have known that I would be so drawn to patterns in the skies that I would make surface pattern design my vocation later in life?

Sometimes I wake up and go outside at 2 am just to see what God has done. It wasn’t always that way for me.

I also studied Astrology. I was attracted to the complexity and mystery of it, sure I could discern people’s personalities by knowing their astrological signs. I guess I thought we were somehow ruled by a random universe.

Today I hear many people refer to “the universe” as a powerful force, or higher power in their lives. I often hear them say things like, “whatever the universe decides,” referring to their fate or actions. They also put their wants and desires “out into the Universe” seriously expecting answers.

Throughout civilization, people have allowed their lives to be controlled by whatever attributes they assumed the stars held over them, even worshipping the stars. According to the Bible, in Job 9:9,10, it was God who created all things, including the stars which He set in the sky. The universe answers to God alone. The stars themselves are mere balls of fiery gas and energy. If they have any effect on me it will be if they explode and fall down on my head!

Astrology is a man-made attempt to assign stars tasks over our lives so we can blame balls of gas for our flawed personalities and behavior. That’s kind of irresponsible.

Instead the Bible tells us that the stars point to the real truth – That God made them for His plan and purpose, and by the Word spoken from His mouth – perhaps the big bang. He also tells us in James 1:5 that if we lack wisdom we should ask God and He will tell us what to do. The stars do not promise to answer – they are fiery gas balls.

Since God does promise to answer, I will ask my Creator for wisdom rather than the objects He created.

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