I painted this story awhile back using Procreate on my iPad. I liked it then. Now, it seems so primitive.

So I decided to revisit the blue coyotes theme because they are such a part of my life. Each night and early morning darkness coyotes, although not necessarily blue ones, do what they do best – hunt and howl. My neighbor has a beautiful Alaskan husky who howls along with them. Sometimes a 3 am, 2 am, I am dreaming of coyotes because I’m subconsciously hearing them. They run in the empty fields and shallow canyons around my home. Sometimes they even boldly venture onto my driveway and use it as a highway to wherever they’re running to.

I don’t fear them. I welcome them in all their beauty. Some times when I’ve been out walking early in the morning, I have encountered a solitary coyote. I stop and stand very still, watching him in the distance. He sees me too. He stops and stares at me. Does he wonder what I am, why I’m looking in his direction, if I mean him harm? It may sound a bit neurotic, but I kind of think we’re communicating.

The above painting is a placement print, suitable for products or hanging on the wall. Below is a repeat print version, for wallpaper, gift wrap, fabric, etc.




Hope you enjoy the print and the story behind it. You can see more of this print and others on products at my store on Society 6.