Do you find it hard to be grateful at times? Does the popular practice of “gratitude” grate on your nerves especially with Oprah tells us we should do it? Yeah, I know, but I now admit she’s right. Not because she’s right or I’m right, but because God’s word is true and right, and especially practical.

The Bible has so much to say about the practice of being thankful and how it changes our lives by changing our perspective.

When a person has a lot, or more than enough, they tend to think they deserve even more. I thought I deserved to drive an expensive luxury automobile and I did. The more expensive it became the more unhappy I was with it. Suddenly its sleek beauty became dull and even a bit frightening when contemplating my next bill to maintain it.

Isn’t that how it goes? We think we want something. We buy it. We use it. It becomes less shiny and attractive then we replace it or throw it out with hardly a thought. I’m guilty.

I learned a valuable lesson and it’s no secret. Practicing gratitude is a discipline worth acquiring because my life is happier and more satisfied with what I have. I no longer clammer for more. I don’t engage in “retail therapy,” because I now know that whatever I buy won’t make me more fulfilled.

Make no mistake – I don’t deny myself something that will delight my heart, or is beautiful for the sake of just being beautiful. I consider buying something wonderful and artistic as an act of appreciation – an act of gratitude for the maker of that work of art, or innovative design.

What I’ve learned is that if I want to live in fulfillment and satisfaction that only comes from God, then I must practice thanking Him for the blessings He provides. I look for them. I seek them out. I am in a perpetual state of discovery. And more important, I write them down. That way I can refer back to what God has done that only He could do. It gives me confidence that He will continue to bless and provide. I have no doubt because I have evidence of His hand in my life.

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