A few weeks ago a roadrunner came to call and I posted some photos on Facebook of him perched on the back of a patio chair. Previously I’d seen him hanging around my art studio. He came racing around the back,tail bobbing, chasing after something with a vengeance, a lizard no doubt. When he saw me he looked a little sheepish and took off, as if he was a bit embarrassed at being caught in a frenzy of pursuit.

These are the seemingly mundane stories that make it into my art. Simple things become inspiration. The real story – that God has been here and has left glaring evidence of His presence and creativity – is the truth behind every piece I do.

“The Roadrunner and the Lizard” is a repeat pattern, which I kind of imagine used on gift wrap or gift bags. Would you be delighted to receive a gift, wrapped up in this colorful story?

Lately, I’ve been designing very layered complex patterns with a visual story at the center, making it suitable for a stand alone print, which I will make available for purchase directly from my store on this website, or on products from my partner companies – Society6 and Fine Art America.

Hope you enjoy this little bit of color and the story behind it.