Isn’t it true that we often struggle and strive to justify our actions, when all along we’ve chosen to do the wrong thing in the first place?

My friend Christie uses this expression and it always rings so true to me – so much that I had to create this print. It reminds me about my motives for doing anything, thinking a particular way, making choices. What I choose has impact on so many other people, so I’m not choosing only for myself.

Breaking Bad is Biblical in its story structure, even Shakespearean, which is why I love this TV show so much. I can watch it over and over. The choice one man makes starts out with the motive to leave his family financially sound after his impending death from cancer. (Spoiler Alert – but you’ve had enough time!) Then it becomes a march toward the death of so many, along with his marriage, his family relationships, his friendships, his career, his identity, until he has left a pile of corpses strew about the bleak New Mexico landscape. A man makes a choice to do the wrong thing and justifies the “rightness” of it until almost everyone in the story is dead including himself. What a cautionary tale!

I don’t always make the right choices because I’m human and come with ego, neediness and all kinds of ugly attributes. I need the kind and merciful work of a Savior to fix me. For Jesus, I’m deeply grateful. I still don’t always make the right choices. When I don’t, I have some place to go and someone to go to who will show me how to make better choices the next time.

Meanwhile, this statement should be in front of my face at all times. If you’d like a copy, please visit my store at Society6.