Desert plants intrigue me because they thrive in tremendous adversity. Why is that? There must be a lesson here. God made them with the ability to retain nutrients and water in spite of  living in arid climates. They stay alive, reproduce and thrive in such conditions. I think that’s why I make them a subject of my art.

My greatest moments of growth have come from adversity. I hate the adversity part, but I love the perseverance it produces. Next time I face a trial I have experience to grab onto – memories of how God came to my rescue or enabled me to walk through the fire and live.

The Bible speaks of the qualities of faith that enable a person to thrive (2 Peter 5-8)  . . . goodness, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, mutual affection and love. These qualities are like the water and nutrients an arid desert plant requires to live and thrive. It’s what I need to live and thrive in a chaotic world.

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