I’ve been removing trees that are wrong for my property, and thinking about what new trees to replace them with. It’s a big step. Trees are a commitment.

This may be weird to you but painting often clarifies for me what I’m thinking about or what’s important to me. I began to research trees and try to decide what to plant. Then I started this painting with no idea what it would become. That’s what “intuitive painting” is all about. The process reveals the meaning as it progresses.

I always make a lot of changes in a painting before it finally opens up and starts to “speak” to me. This one took a while but eventually it revealed that whatever I plant must be full of joy. I have to plant with that in mind. One sows seeds in hopes that something wonderful will grow and become useful, beautiful and is a source of great joy.

It’s the same with how I live my life. If I don’t sow joy I won’t get it. Duh, what a simple truth!

Way back in my less mature days I spent a lot of wasted time being angry and cynical at the world. Sure I examined where it all came from, taking it back to my childhood and blah blah blah. So what? Just because I figured it out didn’t mean I could get rid of it. Everybody has “issues.”

Then i discovered the art and practice of gratitude and that was the victory I was looking for. I saw everything as a gift instead of a curse. Blessings followed. Outlooks changed. Victories were common. Joy was no longer so elusive.

OK, so back to the painting. The truth is this: If we want joy, we must plant joy. The painting also revealed to me what kind of trees I’m going to plant. When they begin to grow into their spaces, I will look at them with joy knowing they were the perfect choice.

The fill size painting can be viewed and purchased as a hand-signed giclee print here.