New digital painting inspired by the wonder of what God has made,or rather my imaginative interpretation.

When you look closely at Creation, you have to see the incredible intelligent design from a Maker of enormous talent, skill and love. Why would God put so much design into a mere flower? Because He wanted to. Because He loves us and wants to delight us. Because He wanted us to know that it came from a source much higher than man and we might be compelled to seek Him.

Can man fashion a seed from scratch? He can make a replica, a copy, an artificial “seed like” transport of living material. But man cannot make the seed itself.

People ask, “What do the symbols mean?” I think they are a secret language, like petroglyphs – a primitive attempt to explain truth using visual aides. The circles are seeds. The triangles depict the triune representation of God as described in Christianity.

Or . . . perhaps it’s because I’m also a pattern designer and I’m naturally attracted to motifs and icons that are repeatable. In the repeat, they become like an alphabet, or a higher means of communication just like our Maker might use.

Since my paintings are often “intuitive” their meanings are revealed to me as I create them or after they are complete.

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